10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT (eBook)

Become A Creative Jedi! Avoid The Gap-filling Death Of Creativity with 10 Song Activity Ideas For ELT!

A TIME-SAVING eBook that does the heavy work so you can focus on the most important: INSPIRING and MOTIVATING YOUR STUDENTS to learn CREATIVELY!

In this 50-page ebook, you will get:


so you don’t get lost, and quickly absorb the new ideas, which means you prime your brain to use the ideas easily, with any song you want! All in a flexible format to save you time with lesson planning.


of the activities in action that will help your mirror neurons help you to incorporate the new ideas in your brain as if you birthed them yourself! Videos, pdfs, and resources that end up making YOU a more creative teacher in the process!


Innovative song activities that make your students think critically and creatively, and that also foster communication, interactivity, imagination and leadership skills. This will make you stand out as an efficient and creative teacher that gets results. This means more students and consequently, more money in your account!


and tips to use digital tools which will make you feel more confident in your own tech skills so you can keep up with the competition in this new digital world and thrive!


Ideas to use songs to work the four skills: Listening, writing, speaking and reading, so you can have the best of two worlds: The joy and fun that songs can bring to your class and also, the confidence you have that your students are practicing the English language meaningfully and effectively!


that are going to rock & roll your ELT practice and not only transform and expand your view, but also make YOU more open and in tune with your own innate creativity.

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10 Song Activity Ideas for ELT is a 50-page ebook that also provides you with a special Appendix with real song activities that illustrate the ideas mentioned in the eBook.

+ Detailed Instructions to prepare each song activity, with some tech tips and additional information so you can create – from scratch – all the suggested activities yourself.

  • Explanatory Videos
  • Descriptions of all activities + extra materials and resources
  • Slides and presentations in detailed step-by-step lesson plans

+ 2 Exclusive Bonuses:

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