Be Fluent in LIFE

Being fluent in English is an important goal that many people in the world struggle to achieve. However, there is another kind of fluency which is of much greater importance: being able to speak the language of your own soul. Being fluent in LIFE.

What does that mean?

Speaking the language of your own soul is finding out your true and unique talents. It is finding out the way they can be best expressed in this world, and most importantly, ACTING on them.

How can you start this journey to life fluency?

With small steps, just like a child starts with a few words, but surely, steadily, act on it! Your actions, even the smallest ones, will bring results. REAP them with pride. Be proud like a child in showing their parents that first written composition, or that first good grade in an oral presentation.

Be proud of your smallest results, for they are proof of your ever growing fluency in the nuances of life. Also, multiply them by paying attention and learning, every day and in every way, how to speak your own heart accurately. 

Cherish the language of your own soul and speak it, not only with your own words, but also with your actions, for actions speak much louder, and the louder they speak, the more likeminded people they attract to your life, so you can become stronger, wiser, better and consequently, attract more results.

Being fluent in your LIFE means knowing how your heart truly feels, and expressing it clearly and gracefully through your ready and smooth actions, so that the universe can understand, and respond to your wishes and desires.

Aim to be fluent not only in English, but also in the language of your own SOUL. There is no telling how far you can go or how many people’s lives you can help this way!

That’s it for this week.
I hope these ideas can help you in your life!
Happy teaching! 🤓

A gift for you:

A lot has happened since the Pandemic and all the great havoc it’s brought to the world, making people rethink their priorities and getting in touch with themselves in a deeper way.

That’s why I want to take this reflective time to share this gift from my heart: a small free eBook which summarizes a few of the things I’ve been experiencing in my life for the past couple of years.

It is Titled : HOW TO ACHIEVE FLUENCY IN LIFE: a Quick Language lesson for the Soul.

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