Beautiful Life – Now United

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This ELT song activity is based on the song Beautiful Life (Now United) and its official music video. Students talk about countries and do a matching exercise with flags, watch a video, do a word search exercise, listen to the song, do a listening exercise with the lyrics, and write an email.

Language level: Basic (A2) and above
Learner type: All ages
Skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing
Topic: Countries
Language: Vocabulary related to countries, expressing opinions and writing e-mails
Materials: Youtube videos, worksheets and mp3 file
Duration: 1 hour - 1h 30 min

Downloadable materials:  instructions; Country flags worksheet; Lyrics worksheet; song mp3

Part 1 – Warm-up – Intro

Step 1. Ask students if they know a group called “Now United” and if so, ask them to say what makes this group unique.

If nobody knows or if they do not have much information about it, read/ project this piece of news about them:

Now United is an international co-ed group with 14 different singers and dancers from 14 different countries. The group was formed by Simon Fuller in mid-2016 and is led by XIX Entertainment. They officially debuted in 2018. More information about the band here 

Step 2. Country flag worksheet. Hand out the worksheet and have students work in pairs to match the countries and the flags. (5 min) When they’re done, play the meet Now United video so they can check their work.

Answer key:
Brazil (5) Finland (3) Mexico (8)
The Philippines (1) Canada (7) India (13) 
Senegal (10) China (14) Germany (6)
South Korea (12) The UK ( 9) Russia (2)
Japan (11) The USA (4)

PART 2 – Reading + Listening (Lyrics Worksheet)

Step 3. Hand out the lyrics worksheet. It has 2 exercises: 1- word search and 2 – listen to the song and fill the gaps with the words found.

Step 4. Have a competition to see who can find all the words first!

Step 5. After everybody has found the words, tell students to turn their worksheets with the page down, because they are going to watch the music video for “Beautiful Life”, and while they watch, they must try to identify the words they found in exercise one.

Step 6. Have students tell you if they could identify some of the words in the song while watching the video.

Step 7. Exercise 2. Play the song and have students complete the gaps with the words from exercise 1. Check answers.

Answer key:
[1] stars [2] glad  [3] sky [4] paradise [5] breath [6] fire [7] diamond [8] colors [9] world [10] dream [11] hands  

PART 3 Speaking & Writing (an Email)

Step 8. Ask students to look at the Country Flag worksheet again. Ask them if they have ever been to any of those countries. Get some answers, ask some follow-up questions (When, what did you think of it, etc)

Step 9. In pairs, students talk about which of those countries they would like to visit and why. After some time, have the pairs share their answers with the whole class.

Step 10. (writing – it could be assigned as homework if time does not allow it to be done in class)

Tell students to write an email to one of the members of Now United and:
.Say where they are from and mention some interesting facts about it;
.Tell the member of the band they would like to visit their country and ask some questions about it (ex: about the food, customs, history, etc)

That’s it for this week! I hope this activity is helpful and enjoyable!

Happy teaching!  🙂

Come Out and Play – Billie Eilish


This is an ELT video and song activity based on the Apple ad  Holiday - Share Your Gifts featuring Billie Eilish’s song Come out and Play and also the video ‘Holiday - how I create music on IMac and IPhone’, in which students talk about talents; find common ideas connecting quotes about talent and sharing; watch a video ad and play a memory game with questions about it; do a listening exercise with another video in which the singer talks about creating music; listen to the song and put the lyrics in order

Language level: Pre-Intermediate (B1) and above

Learner type: All ages

Skills: speaking, reading & listening

Topics: talent and music

Language: Vocabulary related to talent and skills, expressions to agree, disagree and express opinions

Materials: Youtube videos, video activity Worksheet, cut-out song lyrics worksheet and mp3 file

Duration: 1h -  1h 30 min 

Downloadable materials:  instructions; worksheet part 3; song mp3; cut-out song slips part 4


Part 1 – Warm Up / Quotes

Step 1. Play hangman with the word 'talent'.
Write on the board T ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Step 2. After the game, ask students to share some of the talents they have (whole class)

Step 3. Write or project the following quotes on the board:

1- “The more you share, the more you receive to share.” Lailah Gifty Akita
2- “Don’t hide yourself. Stand up, keep your head high, and show them what you got!” Joe Mari Fadrigalan
3- “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”
Pablo Picasso

step 4. Ask students to read them and (individual task) think about their meaning carefully and find out if there is a connection between the quotes, and what it is.

Step 5. After 1 or 2 min, have students share their ideas in pairs (2 min)

Step 6. Have the pairs express their opinions to class and ask if the other students agree/disagree and why

Part 2 – Apple Ad video -Holiday Share your gifts

Step 7. Tell students they are going to watch a video. They should pay attention to the story to answer some “memory” game questions about it (divide the class into pairs or trios).

Memory Game Questions: 1. what color sweater was the girl wearing in the first scene of the video? (Red) 2. What 7-letter word is written on her laptop cover? (Supreme) 3. What is her occupation (baker) 4. What color is her uniform at her job? (Green) 5. What did she draw on the bus window? (Glasses) 6. What color is the box she keeps her paper sheets in? (Green) 7. What musical instrument does she have? (A piano)

Part 3 – Video 2:  How I Create Music on iMac and iPhone ft. Billie Eilish


Students watch the video and answer the question:
What does Billie Eilish compare music to? (emotion)

Step 9.  Hand out the Worksheet - part 3. Students watch the video again and fill in the gaps in the transcript. Play the video twice. And check the answers as a class. Answer key: Billie: I'm Billie Eilish. Finneas: I'm Finneas. Billie: And this is how we create a song from scratch. Music is emotion. I feel like, every song, I know, sounds like an emotion I've felt. it's like how could I make a song that sounds like the way that this light looks. I think that's really weird to think about, but it's more interesting for me that way. Like, it doesn't have to rhyme; it doesn't have to make sense; ['cause] it's just words. Sometimes I need to create something out of it. Finneas: Once we understand the narrative, [that] we can flesh out a song behind it. First guitar, then vocals, then that 808 sort of... Logic is really easy to have fun in and I think having fun in a program is how you get better. Billie: I think you have to force yourself sometimes. just put it out there, and if it flops, it flops. But who cares? At least you're doing what you want to be doing.

Part 4 (extra) lyrics

The Lyrics were divided in 12 slips of paper (print, cut out and laminate)
Step 10. Divide students into groups of 4 (or fewer students per group, depending on the number of students) and give 1 set of cut out lyrics four group.
Students listen and put the lyrics in order
Play the song as many times as necessary. The first team to get the lyrics in the right order wins!

Answer KEY (correct order):
10 - 09 - 11 -12 -01- 03- 08- 06- 05- 04- 02- 07

That’s it for this week and for 2018!

We’ll be back in January to continue providing free high quality ELT song activities for teachers all over the world!

I hope you all have wonderful holiday celebrations, and that in 2019, you have the wisdom and energy to fulfill cherished dreams and achieve amazing goals!