Song Activity Factory is the perfect way to make your students get the language “Under their skin” (any coincidence with the song is only a fluke!) I believe in communication and enjoyment as a way to make students be not only motivated but also engaged with their learning process. Thank you Marcia for all your great ideas and your generosity!!!!!

Chris Pontiroli

Here I am once more just to tell your followers that my group of students are really making profit of the appealing activities you provide us with. They learn while they have fun and they cope with  the activities FCE asks for and above all they work with enthusiasm.

THANKS, and Keep it UP!

Sandra & her students

Sandra Mazzotta

I always use Song Activity Factory and I’ve had such great experiences with my students. It’s possible to work with different skills of language, making the activities much more enjoyable! The themes contribute to English teaching and also  to engage students in the process of thinking critically. In my view, this is a great differential!

Leandro Thomazini

SAF was a life saver with the lesson plan for Rain on me – soon after all classes had moved online and running out of ideas to get students into a new vibe learning how to navigate a new environment. Lady Gaga and Arianna Grande came to the rescue with the catchy song – Rain on me – the instructions were simple and easy to follow I just adapted to a PPT format. There was plenty to do for at least 90 mins or 2 classes. Even the warm up and pre-teach vocab session were useful. Another activity in the same lesson with Lady Gaga talking about working with Ariana was a tough challenge for some students but they wanted to understand what she was saying.  So they found motivation to go on listening and fill in the gaps.  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Moacir Sena

Song Activity Factory is for sure one of the greatest websites available to help ESL teachers in the new journey of online teaching. It takes technology as an opportunity to make us stage and improve techniques, always keeping in mind the 4-skill setting, and elicit the best from our students. I love it because everything on the site is very handy and I can adapt the activities for the different contexts I face in my daily teaching. Many thanks, Mars! You’ve been doing brilliant work! Sharing only causes people to admire you more.

Diego Fracari

Dear Márcia,

 You are un(and I really have to use the F word here!)believable!  I requested this song about 3-4 days ago and in this short span you have come up with such an amazing lesson. 

You are an absolute star! God bless you!  I have been teaching in the Middle East until last year and there we were not allowed to use music in the classroom at all. Your site is such a find for me, you have no idea how I appreciate it!

Best wishes and many, many thanks,


Elize Marais

Hello Marcia,
Just to say Thank you for the fantastic work you do and be so generous to share it with us all teachers. I appreciate your work and I do like it. I really think teachers have special DNA.

I am from Jujuy, Argentina and I teach secondary school in a public school.
Love and thanks again for the great work and your generosity.

Mónica Del Castillo

Marcia, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you how much I love your activities! Every time I open my email and find a different one I think: I wish I could come up with something like that! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Giselle da Silva

Loved this site. I have already implemented some of the lesson plans in my classes and it’s so great how students respond to more dynamic classes and new ways to learn. Thank you for sharing.


Adri Drueba

“Months ago I discovered Song Activity Factory: I was very impressed. In fact it offers lesson plans based on trendy songs AND it features great activities, the ones that can encourage teenagers to use their brains and observation skills to produce poignant language content. Some exercises are based on Cambridge exam structure and they have been very useful for my teenage students. Had I not had this resource my online lessons for teenagers would have been a lot harder and probably boring.”

Ambra Arduini