Have you heard of FREEED – Teachers’ own community? IF NOT YOU’RE MISSING OUT!

It is a 100% free tool for teachers to share and find the best educational materials and ideas.

It is really easy to create your own profile, and there you’ll find and connect with people working in the education field.

You can network with your colleagues globally and join the discussion in various topics! In the platform’s feed page you can for example open a discussion, comment on an article or ask and get answers from other teachers. With the search and filter feature you can find the best content for you. To make networking easier, you can follow teachers that are interesting to you.

Freeed is a platform that makes it really easy to discuss, recommend and save ideas for the classroom all in one place. You can upload content in different ways by writing an article, sharing resources, adding pictures, documents, links and videos ! If you happen to come across an awesome idea or discussion, you have the option to save it and the saved contents can be found on your profile page.

I registered about a week ago and I’m enjoying it a lot!

Here are some great articles I read on Freeed that I want to share with you:

Google Slides Timer – 3 ways to keep your students on time, online. by Myles Klynhout

The Dice Game by Vicky Margari

7 ideas for using break-out rooms by Rachel Tsateri

I also contributed to FREEED with two articles about my experimentations and amazing results with the use of thought-provoking questions with my students, mixing some ideas from the books “Teaching Unplugged” and “Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding”:

Click HERE to access the article “How My Classes Have Improved With The Help Of Two Books: Essential Questions & Teaching Unplugged

Click HERE to access the article “The Power Of Questions To Empower Students To Have Productive And Constructive Ideas, Thoughts And Answers

Join Freeed and connect with teachers all over the world!

Well, that’s it for today!



Happy teaching!  🙂

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