Song Activity Factory presents: MeditaProf (eBook) Meditation for Teachers!

MeditaProf is a Meditation Course (e-book) specially designed for TEACHERS and Teaching Professionals.
It is a carefully crafted program to help you initiate your meditation practice and start reflecting, learning and becoming fluent in the language of your own soul!

LEARN the quickest steps to start MEDITATING ANYWHERE so you can keep your cool and poise at the most nerve-wracking moments of your working day.

LEARN the 3-STEP MIND/HEART GRATITUDE TECHNIQUE you can apply between classes so you can replenish your vital and mental ENERGY SUPPLIES.

USE the step-by-step LIFE FLUENCY MANUAL
that takes you on a journey of self-discovery
to becoming fluent in the language of your own SOUL.

MeditaProf is a 116-page eBook:

EACH MODULE is divided into 6 phases:
Study, Moment of Gratitude, Moment of Reflection,
Time for Action, Setting Goals and Evaluating Results.
We believe this is the surest way for you to
REALLY incorporate this practice into your life effectively!

In a very didactic way, at the start of each module,
you will have a general view of what you’ll achieve:

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“My main intention with this eBook is to help you – teacher – to start meditating to enjoy more inner peace to cope with the world’s current situation, and start on your path to becoming fluent in the language of your own soul.”

Márcia Bonfim

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