Image of Freddie Mercury with his iconic pose.

Queen: Engage Your Students with Timeless Hits!

Here’s an exciting treat for Queen fans and classic rock lovers. I’ve created a fun activity featuring Queen’s greatest hits that will engage your students and make English learning a rocking experience. If your students enjoy timeless rock tunes, they’ll adore this activity! Let’s explore the world of Queen and use their legendary songs to boost English skills while having a blast.

Featured image for 'Time Idioms and Storytelling: Engage Your Students with a Captivating Song' lesson plan by Song Activity Factory, showing the Song Activity Factory logo surrounded by various narratives and time idioms.

Time Idioms & Storytelling: Engage Students with a Captivating Song

Discover the magic of storytelling and idioms in this engaging song-based lesson plan. Your students will dive into the world of time idioms, unraveling their meanings and sparking their creativity. This step-by-step lesson plan features the heartfelt song “Want That Back” by Brett Eldredge, which serves as an inspiring backdrop to an unforgettable learning experience. By engaging in speaking, listening, reading, and writing tasks throughout the lesson, students will reinforce their overall language proficiency in a cohesive and enjoyable manner.

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