Here Comes the Change (From the Motion Picture ‘On The Basis of Sex’) – Kesha



This song-based activity lesson plan for English language teaching features the song ‘Here comes the Change’ by Kesha and the official music video. Students read quotes about gender inequality, talk about it, read the lyrics of the song and work with verb tenses, listen to the song, watch the music video and do a listening exercise with  it,

Language level: Pre-Intermediate (B1+) and above

Learner type: All ages

Skills: speaking, reading & listening

Topic: gender inequality

Language: Vocabulary related to gender inequality, expressions to agree, disagree and express opinions (good for Cambridge Exam preparation FCE)

Materials: Youtube video, mp3 file, and song activity Worksheet pdf

Duration: 1 hour

Downloadable materials: Here Comes- instructions; worksheet and mp3 file



Step 1. WHOLE CLASS:: Besides physical differences, what is different between men and women? (write students answers on the board, help with some vocabulary) [5 min]

Step 2. IN PAIRS. Hand out the song worksheet part 1. Students read and talk about the meaning of the following quotes and say which ones they agree and disagree with and why[10 min]:

quotes kesha

Step 3. WHOLE CLASS: (students share what they discussed in pairs with the whole class. As each pair shares their answers, the teacher asks other students if they agree/disagree and why, so everyone gets the chance to participate and get practice with interaction and using the language of opinions/agreement/disagreement. [5 – 10 min]


Step 4. INDIVIDUAL TASK  Exercise 2 of the song worksheet. Tell students they have to read the lyrics of the song and correct the verbs. [10 min] when they have finished, before playing the mp3 file of the song, have them check their answers in pairs.

Answer key:

  1. will keep turning
  2. you’ll be
  3. they live
  4. it’s time
  5. there’ll come


Step 5. INDIVIDUAL TASK  Exercise 3. The students watch the music video and fill out the blanks in the script for the scenes from the upcoming movie ‘on the basis of sex’ which appears in the music video

Answer key:


That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoy this ELT song activity!

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