USING SONGS TO TEACH ENGLISH: MUSICAL DICTATION – Song Activity Idea for ZOOM features (4 Skills)

MUSICAL DICTATION is an IDEA for an adaptable song activity along with a suggested step-by-step LESSON PLAN for English language teaching with ZOOM features like BREAKOUT ROOMS, SCREEN-SHARING, WHITEBOARD, etc. but it’s also perfect for F2F.

Students WRITE down the lyrics of the verse of a song dictated by the teacher, LISTEN to that song extract to check, and in pairs, WRITE a final version of the verse. They also answer questions about it, TALK about its meaning and watch a music video.

There is focus on SPEAKING, READING, WRITING & LISTENING and students practice COLLABORATION, COMMUNICATION & CRITICAL THINKING during this activity.



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Márcia "Mars" Bonfim

I am a traveling teacher living my dream of world travel while making it possible for others to live the reality of their own dreams. I'm a member of the TESOL International Association, and I've been teaching since 1993.

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