Teaching With Songs: Lyrical Reading (Em Beihold – Nobody Else)


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This week, the Song Activity Factory features a new activity with a great new artist discovered by a student of mine! (Thanks, Bruno! XD)

I already featured Em Beihold in the last Exclusive Subscriber Content with Groundhog Day. However, she has so many nice songs that I decided to feature her again, on a blog post this time. I hope she becomes famous soon! The world needs to know Em Beihold! LOL

Without further delay, let’s get to LYRICAL READING!

Em Beihold


This song-based STEP-BY-STEP LESSON PLAN for ENGLISH language TEACHING features the lyrics and music video for “NOBODY ELSE” by EM BEIHOLD. Students TALK about pictures, LISTEN to the song lyrics being read, SPECULATE about the song and its meaning, WORK with the lyrics with a word search exercise and DO a listening exercise with an interactive worksheet.

OBS: This lesson plan was made for ONLINE TEACHING, but it can be modified for face-to-face instruction, as well.

Language level: B2
Learner type: All ages
Skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing
Topic: Self-esteem
Materials: YouTube video, genial.ly presentation, interactive worksheet
Duration: about an hour
Download your free teaching resources: instructions pdf; worksheet.pdf


Step 1 (7 min)

Genial.ly Presentation. LINK

Screen-share the slide with the pictures of the cat. Ask students to say which one they like the most and why. Have various students give their opinions. Ask them if the pictures mean the same thing and if they are positive or negative. Ask other students if they agree/disagree.

Step 2 (5 min)

Tell students they are going to listen to the lyrics of a song being read.

They must pay attention to the words, and take notes of interesting ideas, words, anything they can. Tell them they MUST write something, even if it’s just single words.

Play the video 2x.

Step 3 (7 min)

In pairs (breakout rooms), students share the ideas and words they got from the lyrics. Their task is to come up with a conclusion about the message of the song.

Step 4 (10 min)

Back to the main room, have the pairs share their ideas.

Ask the following questions:

1 – What kind of song do you think is this? (fast, slow, etc) What music genre? (pop, rock, etc)

Step 5 (5 min)

Play the song for them to check. (ATTENTION, this is a lyric video, so just play the audio, do not show it to students now because of step 7: interactive worksheet)

Step 6 (7 min)

Ask them the following questions:

1- What is the singer feeling? Why do you think so?

2- Do you think this song has a positive or a negative meaning? Explain

Step 7 (15 – 20 min)

Interactive worksheet. LINK

Students do the word search. You can have a competition to see who can find all the words first!

After the word search exercise, play the song for them to fill the blanks in the lyrics with the words they found in the first exercise.

For students to see their results, tell them to click FINISH!! and then CHECK MY ANSWERS!

This song-based lesson plan is sure to spice up your classes! However, would you like to think, feel and act more creatively on your own to be able to turn ANY song you want into an engaging lesson plan?
HERE are TIME-SAVING ideas that do the heavy work so you can focus on the most important: INSPIRING and MOTIVATING YOUR STUDENTS to learn CREATIVELY!


That’s it for this week! I hope this activity is helpful and enjoyable! 


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Happy teaching!  🙂

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