Reviewing Vocabulary With Music Videos: Watch & Catch 4! [Teaching with songs]

Welcome to the Song Activity Factory!

This week you will enjoy one of my favorite activities! WATCH & CATCH!

It is an activity with multiple extracts from 2021 MUSIC VIDEOS. Your students have to WATCH these extracts, and CATCH visuals in the videos, as well as words in the lyrics. This edition 4 features Miley Cyrus, Alessia Cara, Tate McRae, Khalid & Jonah Kagen.

Description:  Students work in teams to identify, visually and audibly, 
grammar and/or vocabulary words in the music video and lyrics. 
Language level: A2 and above     
Learner type: All ages
Skills: listening, writing
Topic: varied
Language and grammar: adjectives, prepositions, animals, toys, American states
Materials: YouTube video  
Duration: 20 -30 min
Downloadable materials: instructions.pdf


FACE-TO-FACE and ONLINE (GOOD connection) vs ONLINE (BAD connection) 

If you are teaching this ONLINE, there are two ways to do this, and it all depends on how good your Internet connection is.

FIRST WAY (synchronously): If it’s possible for you to play the video smoothly to your students, just follow the steps 1 to 4. Needless to say, the same goes for F2F!

SECOND WAY (synchronously): If you have connection problems to play videos smoothly, students can do this individually. Explain the exercise and tell them to watch the video on their devices, and write down the answers to send you via chat box later. Give them a time limit of 10 minutes to watch the video and come back to class with the answers.

Step 1 (5 min)

Tell students they are going to WATCH a video with 4 excerpts from different music videos, and in each excerpt, they have to identify – CATCH– something visual in the video e.g. find a number or an animal, and also listen to something in the lyrics: e.g. listen to adjectives.  

There are 4 video excerpts, and before each one, there are instructions to what the students have  to catch. The excerpts are recorded 3 times in a row, so they have 3 chances to catch the things. For each right item, the teams get one point. The team with more points wins!

Step 2. (2 min)

Divide the teams. Remind them not to say the answers now! They must write their answers down to discuss with their teammates later.

Step 3. (10 – 15 min)

Play the video (pause it on each video instruction and make sure to review the things they’re supposed to see or find before they watch it. For example: ask students if they remember some prepositions and ask them to give examples. Repeat the process for the 4 videos.

Video 01 - Jonah Kagen - Moon
LISTEN TO: a preposition of place (behind)
FIND:  a place where people swim (a swimming pool)
lyrics KEY: 
Just keep looking for the moon and I'll be here
While you're searching for your life out in the dark
Looking for the moon, you'll see it clear
'Cause it shines the same wherever you are
Let it guide you, don't look behind you
If you stay within the light, I'll always find you

Video 02 - Tate McRae, Khalid  - Working
LISTEN TO: an adjective (perfect)
FIND: toys (videogame, magic cub or Rubik cube)
lyrics KEY:
And when I'm working (yeah)
You're the only one that I want
But we're not working (no)
Yeah, I told you from the start
I'm not perfect (oh)
Yeah, that's why you like me so much
We're not working (yeah)
We're not working, no
La-da, da, da-da, da
La-da, da, da-da, da, da

Video 03 - Alessia Cara - Shapeshifter
LISTEN TO: 3 adjectives (mad, sad, fool)
FIND: an animal (an owl)
lyrics KEY:
Don't know if I wanna get you back or get you back someday
Don't know if I'm even mad or just sad you couldn't stay, yeah
Go figure, team switcher, it's a shame
Did I get fooled or are you just a fool like me?
Shape (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Shapeshifter (Uh-huh, uh-huh)

Video 04 - Miley Cyrus - plastic hearts
LISTEN TO:  an American State (California)
FIND: an adjective (plastic)
lyrics KEY:
Love you now, but not tomorrow
Wrong to steal, but not to borrow
Pull you in, but don't you get too close
I've been California dreamin'
Plastic hearts are bleedin'
Keep me up all night (Keep me up)
Keep me up all night (All night)
Lost in black hole conversation
Sunrise suffocation
Keep me up all night (Keep me up)
Keep me up all night
I just wanna feel (Feel)
I just wanna feel somethin'

Step 4. (5 min)

Put the groups in breakout rooms to discuss their final answers. Give them 5 min.

Back to the main room, ask the captain of the team to send you the answers for the video 1 via chat box privately. And award points. Keep score of the students’ points on the board. You can play the video 1 again, if necessary to show where the answers were.

Do the same for the other videos!

That’s it for this WATCH & CATCH 4!!

 I hope you LOVE this music video activity just like me!

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That’s it for this week! I hope these ideas are helpful and enjoyable! 


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Happy teaching!  🙂

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