Halloween Video Match! [Teaching With Songs]


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In this special edition of Video Match, some creepy Halloween songs for you to have a blast with your students! Enjoy! XD


This song-based STEP-BY-STEP LESSON PLAN for ENGLISH language TEACHING features the lyrics extracts for several Halloween Songs by various artists. Students FORM WORDS from the word “Halloween”, MATCH videos and song extracts, explain their choices, WRITE a short narrative connecting the videos and using words from the lyrics,

OBS: This lesson plan was made for ONLINE TEACHING, but it can be modified for face-to-face instruction, as well.

Language level: B1+B2
Learner type: All ages
Skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing
Topic: Halloween 
Materials: YouTube videos, genial.ly presentation
Duration: about an hour
Downloadable materials: INSTRUCTIONS.PDF

Check out an article featuring this activity on FREEED (a great platform for teachers worldwide to share ideas and resources!

Check out the video version of this ELT song-based lesson plan:


PART 1 – Warm-up  + Video Match

Step 1 (7 min)

Challenge your students to see How many words they can form from HALLOWEEN! Give them 2 – 3 min to see who can find more!


  • The minimum is three-letter words. Example: the word NO is not acceptable because it only has 2 letters.
  • The word NONE is not acceptable because it uses two letters N, and Halloween has only one letter N.

HALLOWEEN (Here are some words I found myself!)

Hello, One, Owe, Won, Hall, Halo, Low, All, Hole, Whole, New, Now, When, Who, How, Hen, Alone, Well, Wall, Hell, Wane, Allow, Own, Ale, Lane, Law, Wheel, Eel, heel

Step 2 (10 min)

Slide 01. Tell your students they are going to work with videos and song extracts. Have students describe the videos.

Step 3 (10 min)

Slide 01. Video match.

Tell them to imagine they are video editors and their task is to choose 3 different songs for three videos. This part is to be done individually.

Play each song 2 or 3 times, and give them time to make their choices.

Step 4 (10 min)

Explaining their choices. Pair work (breakout rooms):

In pairs, students share their choices and their reasons. After some time, have the pairs share their differences in the main room.

PART 2 – Video Narrative

Step 5 (10 – 15 min)

Lyrics and writing a short narrative.

Slide 02. Have students read the lyrics of the three song extracts. Help them with the vocabulary.

Divide the class into trios (breakout rooms). Now, students are going to write a short narrative which connects the three videos, in any order they want. They must also use words and sentences from the song extracts in their narrative (slide 2). Give them 10 – 15 min to do that.

Step 6 (10 min)

The groups read their narratives. Have a vote on the most interesting, creative, funniest, etc.

Step 7 (5 min)

Ask students to say which song they thought was the scariest and why.

You can play all songs if you have time.

Song 01 – Painted Smile LINK

Song 02 – They’re coming to take me away LINK

Song 03 – Slendy’s lullaby LINK

Song 04 – Cannibal – Kesha LINK

This song-based lesson plan is sure to spice up your classes! However, would you like to think, feel and act more creatively on your own to be able to turn ANY song you want into an engaging lesson plan?
HERE are TIME-SAVING ideas that do the heavy work so you can focus on the most important: INSPIRING and MOTIVATING YOUR STUDENTS to learn CREATIVELY!


That’s it for this week! I hope this activity is helpful and enjoyable! 


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Happy teaching!  🙂

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