Teaching With songs: Come out and Play by Billie Eilish 2020 and a very special GIFT!


There are numerous websites for teachers out there, but here is  the place to be if you believe in the power of songs to teach English!.

If you’re a BELIEVER, here you’ll find Creativity, Inspiration, Teaching Ideas and Resources to bring Musical innovation to your English Language Teaching Practice!

This week (the final post of 2020!), I bring back the awesome Come Out & Play by Billie Eilish with a new twist for online and hybrid teaching! 

I also have a SPECIAL GIFT for all who believe Music must have a special place in the English language teaching universe!

I hope YOU and your students have a BLAST with it!


This is a song-based lesson plan based on the Apple ad  Holiday – Share Your Gifts featuring Billie Eilish’s song Come out and Play and also the video ‘Holiday – how I create music on IMac and IPhone’. Students TALK about talents; FIND common ideas connecting quotes about talent and sharing; WATCH a video ad and play a quizizz game with questions about it; DO a listening exercise with an interactive worksheet with another video in which the singer talks about creating music and, optionally, DO a listening exercise with another interactive worksheet with the song lyrics.

OBS: This lesson plan was made for ONLINE TEACHING, but it can be modified for face-to-face instruction, as well.

Language level: Pre-Intermediate (B1) and above
Learner type: All ages
Skills: speaking, reading & listening
Topics: talent and music
Language: Vocabulary related to talent and skills, expressions to agree,
 disagree and express opinions
Materials: Youtube videos, genially.presentation, quizizz quiz, video activity
 Interactive Worksheet, Interactive lyrics worksheet.
Duration: 1h -  1h 20 min 
Downloadable materialsinstructions 


Part 1 – Warm Up / Quotes

Step 1 (5 min) 

Play hangman with the word ‘talent’.
Write on the board T ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Step 2 (5 min)

After the game, ask students to share some of the talents they have (whole class)

Step 3 (7 min) 

Write or project the following quotes on the board. You can use this presentation:

1- “The more you share, the more you receive to share.” Lailah Gifty Akita
2- “Don’t hide yourself. Stand up, keep your head high, and show them what you got!” Joe Mari Fadrigalan
3- “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away
Pablo Picasso

Individual task: Ask students to read the quotes, think about their meaning carefully, and also find out if there is a connection between the quotes, and what it is. Help with the vocabulary if necessary.

Step 5 (5 min)

Have students share their ideas in pairs (breakout rooms)

Step 6 (10  min)

Have the pairs express their opinions to class and ask if the other students agree/disagree and why

Part 2 – Apple Ad video – Holiday Share your gifts

Step 7 (10 min) Tell students they are going to watch a video. They should pay attention to the story to answer a quizizz memory game about it.

Instructions for the QUIZIZZ: 1- On your device, click ‘Start a live quiz2- Choose the ‘classic mode‘, this way students can go on their own pace. Don’t worry, you can follow everybody’s progress live on your screen

3- Click ‘continue4- In hybrid classes, you can ask for the students in the room to enter the address ‘joinmyquiz.com‘ on their browsers and enter the code. For the students at home, you click where the red arrow is showing to get a link you can share via chat box.

5 – When the students add the code number, they also need to choose a nickname that will appear on the screen. When everybody gets in, just click START. For a complete TUTORIAL: watch this video.

Memory Game Questions:
1. What color sweater was the girl wearing in the first scene of the video? (Red)
2. What 7-letter word is written on her laptop cover? (Supreme)
3. What is her occupation (baker)
4. What color is her uniform at her job? (Green)
5. What did she draw on the bus window? (Glasses)
6. What color is the box she keeps her paper sheets in? (Green)
7. What musical instrument does she have? (A piano)

Part 3 – Video 2:  How I Create Music on iMac and iPhone ft. Billie Eilish

Step 8 (5 min) FIRST WATCH.

Students watch the video and answer the question:
What does Billie Eilish compare music to? (emotion)

Step 9 (10 min)

Share the link to the Video interactive worksheet. Students watch the video again and fill in the gaps in the transcript. Play the video twice. To check, tell students to click FINISH!! And then CHECK MY RESULTS!

Part 4 (OPTIONAL): lyrics

Step 10 (10 min) Interactive worksheet (Lyrics).

Share this link with your students. They’ll have to listen to the song and drag the lyrics to their right position. To check their results, tell students to click FINISH!! And then CHECK MY RESULTS!

And that’s it for this week and for 2020! Song Activity Factory will be back in January to continue providing free high quality ELT song activities for teachers all over the world!

And here’s a SPECIAL GIFT for you:

This is a collection of all the extra lesson plans featured in the Exclusive Email subscriber content for 2020!

  • 25 song-based lesson plans
  • Downloadable Resource materials
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Videos and interactive worksheets
  • Activities to work listening, writing, reading, speaking
  • Activities to promote collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking
  • 2020 songs and some cool flashbacks for online classes or face2face!


Well, I know that 2020 has been challenging for many, but I am also sure that amongst you there are the ones who took this year as the base, as the trampolim for the abundance of a new and better awakened Humanity! Better days are coming, my friends! 

I hope you all have wonderful holiday celebrations, and that in 2021, you have wisdom and energy to fulfill cherished dreams and achieve amazing goals!




Happy teaching!  🙂


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